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I work at the largest theme park in Canada. One of the rules for working there is that we are not allowed to have pictures of ourselves in our uniform on any social media platform.

Guest: Hey, selfie! [Tries to take a picutre]

Me: (quickly covers my face) Sorry, no thank you.

Guest: (literally pouting) Oh c’mon!

Me: Sorry, it’s against the rules but you can take a picture with [Charlie Brown Characters].

Guest: I thought you were supposed to make this the best day ever.

[This is a slogan that is drilled into us since training and is featured on lots of this park’s tee-shirts]

Me: Sorry but I’m also supposed to not get fired so…

She complained to my Team Lead but I didn’t get in trouble. In fact, I got a Super Snoopy which is a scratch card employees get that gives them rewards like free food in the employee cafeteria (which is what I got).