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(I and my family dined at a popular Australlian stake house. In the car my dad tells us about the interaction between a waitress and a group of costumers in the booth behind us. They were rude and loud and made a lot of comments about the quality of the food. The one he could remeber the most was about the stake )

Costumer: *yells angrily to waitress* Can you come here ma´am!?
Waitress : What do you need ?
Costumer: * Jabs fork into steak and brings it up to her face preceding to bark at her * DOES THIS LOOK LIKE MEDIUM RARE!?
Waitress: ¨…¨
Costumer: This is NOT medium rare! Please bring me a new steak immediately! *sighs*
* Waitress runs off to kitchen *
(She comes back a few minutes later with new stake)
Costumer: Now thats better!
Waitress: I´m sorry about the food!
Costumer #2: There is too much butter on this!
(There were about two or three couples at the table and most of them,if not all, start complaining about something.The waitress is flustered and walks quickly away. On the way out, my dad said he was tempted to apologize to the waitress and tip her,but held back. After hearing this in the car, we all sat there in silence for a few seconds when he tells us this, and we then start commenting about how they shouldn´t complain n because it is a fancy establishment and they would be wasting money on food that they wanted to critize and not eat.Moral: Do not go to a restaurant where you think or know the food won´t be to your liking.Choose somewhere where you can´t complain.