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( I work at a gag gift store in the mall, I’ve only been working here for a few months but I love it! No dress code, all the managers are relaxed people and the things we sell range from baby’s clothes to sex toys and all other things in between. Strange as it is, as a introvert I actually really enjoy retail. This happens while our store is having a ‘buy one get one half off!’ on all our jewelry. I’ve just sold a young man and his mother some fake earrings, something he needs for a play in his high school. And a few minutes after I ring them up, I hear this… )

Co-worker: I’ll help you in a minute after I take care of my current customers! *is in the middle of a long looking transaction*

Me: I got it! Don’t worry, [co-workers name]! *I go to help the customers whom I immeditately realize as the customers I just rang up* Oh, is everything okay?

Customer’s mother: My son just dropped one of the magnets for his earring! And we can’t find it anywhere!

Me: Oh no, that’s terrible. I’ll help you find it, it can’t have gone far, right?

( For what is only five minutes, I move displays, get on my knees and look behind our merchandise on the floor we stock and even grab a flashlight. )

Me: In the event we can’t find it, I’ll speak to my manager about doing a exchange, let me check if we have another pair. May I see the remaining earring?

Customer’s Mother: Oh- [son’s name], get the packet!

Customer’s Son: OK. ( as he reaches into his pocket he grabs it and realizes that it was in the back of the packet with the other one. I’m just simply amused by his expression! He tells his mother and she sighs but otherwise looks happy to have it. She gives me a hug and thanks me profusely, honestly it was a shock but it reminded me why I do love working with people! )