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I work in a big box store in the clothing section, but am also cashier trained. One day, I see that there are long lines at the registers, so I get on an express. I ring up a customer’s items, tell her the total, and she gives me the exact amount. At this point, another customer has gotten in line behind the current customer. I open up the drawer to put the money in, and discover that the till is empty.
Me: Oh, shoot, it’s empty. Well, luckily you have me exact change.
I hand her the receipt and turn to the next customer in line.
Me: Are you paying with cash or card.
Customer: Cash.
Me: I’m sorry, but I don’t have any money in my drawer, so I can’t ring you up.
Customer: You mean I’ve been waiting all this time for nothing!
Me, in my head: Yes ma’am, you’ve been waiting a whole 30 seconds, if that.
Me, out loud: I’m very sorry. I didn’t realize there wasn’t any money in here.