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At work we’ve been running a deal through a local coupon website. For €60 you get a 3 course meal for 2, a bottle of wine for the table and a cocktail each. If you were to pay for everything separately you’d pay €130. As per of the deal, you have to call to make a reservation as the number we can take per day is limited. It’s a slow Wednesday evening, and a late web booking comes in. The reservation notes state they have a “voucher” which could also be a gift voucher.

The couple check in and hand over their voucher for the deal and say “we bought this online, but we don’t like the set menu. We’re gonna order off the a la carte menu.
My manager tells them if they want to do that she’ll take €60 off their bill and they pay the final balance.
The couple told her they only wanted to pay the €60 and order off the a la carte menu. They caught her on a bad day. She replied
“You bought the voucher and saw the menu you before you bought. The T&Cs state you must call to make a reservation and you booked online. I don’t have to honour your booking and I don’t have to offer you an alternative. Your choices are theses: use the voucher, use the voucher as credit, or come back another time!” They used it as credit and left a big tip