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(I work at a popular craft and fabric store. While our customers are getting more diverse in age and gender, the majority of our customers are women over 50. Some of the older women are hardly able to understand the swipe card. The chip card is just too much. So I am used to having to help. One customer comes to my register. I scan in her items)
Me: Your total is [total].

(The customer swipes her card.)

Me: Does your card have a chip?

(She puts it in the chip reader without a other word. The pinpad will then ask “Visa Debit” or “US Debit”. This question always confuses everyone. The customer looks at the screen and just types in her pin and hits enter, this selecting Visa Debit, which is actually credit)

Me: Oh. It wasnt asking for your pin. It was asking if you wanted debit or…

(The customer puts in her pin again)

Me: Hang on, ma’am. It’s not asking for your…

(She puts in her pin again. I sigh and cancel the payment out and have her remove and re-insert her card)

Me: Okay, ma’am I assume you want debit?

(She punches in her pin, once again, selecting credit. I cancel it out one more time and have her take out her card. She tries to put in her pin again, without even putting her card in.)

Me: Hang on, ma’am. It’s not ready.

(I tell her to put her card back in, quickly turn the pinpad toward me and select debit for her, then spin it back toward her)

Me: Okay. Now…

(She punches in her pin)

Me: Great. Remove your card. You saved [amount]. Have a great day.

(I hand her the items and her receipt and she leaves.)