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*I was working a PM Shift, and I wasn’t even an hour into the shift*

Me: Guest services, this is (my name). How may I assist you Mr. (guest’s last name)?
Guest: When I walked to my room I noticed the door was open. Why was that?
Me: Hmm, I am not sure sir. That sounds unusual. Was your door wide open or cracked?
Guest: It was cracked. I’m assuming my door was left cracked when housekeeping came to clean. And now I am not sure if any of my items are missing.
Me: Ok, I do apologize about your door being left open. Most likely it was a mistake by housekeeping because we do not allow anyone access to any guest rooms without going thru proper security measures/permissions first. I will definitely relay this issue to my manager.
Guest: Okay, thank you. Please make sure you close my door next time. Ok?
Me: *DF* Okay sir, bye bye. *Hangs up phone*

This was hilarious… he told ME to make sure *I* close his door? Lol. I don’t step foot near any of the guest rooms. And I literally just got to work, so there is no way I can know his door was left cracked. When guests complain about their room conditions or any issues concerning the room, all I can do is apologize and try to make it better because those issues are from a whole other department. I do not have complete control over what happens on guest floors. I wish we were allowed to double check rooms and scan the hallways before check-in with the Housekeeping Supervisor, but there is never any way of making sure what is done on every floor is 100% accurate. I thought this was hilarious. Yeah ok, I’ll definitely come in to work super early just to make sure YOUR room door is closed after being cleaned. Boy bye LOL.