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I’m working as a technician that repairs lanes and such but I have the same uniform as cashiers and often get mistaken for them. I am working at the self checkout lanes, I’ve just finished repairing one when a coworker asks me when we can open it.

Me: As soon as it reboots it should be ok to open just give me a call if you have anymore issues.

Customer: (she’s at a large shelf checkout) You have time to stand around and chat then you should be bagging my groceries!

Me: Ma’am I would be happy to help you with your items however, I am not a cashier, also you’re at a self checkout we typically don’t bag for customers on these lanes since there are 11 lanes and only 2 cashiers.

Customer: Well how the h*** am I supposed to know that? And those lines are too long! I’m running late and I can’t wait for those lines.

Me: As I said I’m not a cashier but I’d be happy to bag your items today.