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(I was studying late one night there was nothing in the fridge and so I ordered a pizza from a nearby chain store rhymes with smominos. Paid $32 for pizza + delivery – discount from coupons + $10 extra for express or get the next one free deal)

I go back to studying after placing the order, watching my pizza tracker occasionally, time seems slower when studying or so I thought until I checked the time, over 1 hour and 20 minutes had passed and I had just gotten the notification that the driver just left the store, it’s a 5 minute drive, granted he might of had other delivery to drop off, but as I watch the live tracker, its taken him 15 minutes to drive to my street, on what seems to be a direct path.

so I turn on the lights at the front of the house and go out into the driveway in my Pyjamas and socks, waiting in the cold. Phone in hand, the tracker just said delivered, so I edge closer to the street in my driveway, and I see no cars on my street.

I give it what felt like a few minutes to wait and it ended up being closer to 15 minutes. So I call the store.

Me: Hi I placed an order 1 Hour and 35 Minutes ago, it recently said it had been delivered on the tracking app, but it has not arrived.

Worker 1: Okay sure no problem I can check that for you, can you tell me what your address is.

Me: I tell her my address.

Worker 1: (doesn’t place the phone on hold) yells to Worker 2 isn’t this the address you just went too?

Worker 2: Yeah

Worker 1: Well she said she didn’t get it.

Worker 2: Well I was just there. Shes lying!

Me: (since I can hear everything) Can you ask him who he delivered it too? Or what the house looked like?

Worker 1: The ladys asking who did you give it too?

Worker 2: A guy with a black car at the front.

Me: There are no men at home (I live alone) and my car is silver. Are you sure he got the right address?

Worker 1: (repeats what I just told her to worker 2)

Worker 2: Well I delivered it! Yes it was the right address!

Boss: Whats going on?

Worker 1: Quickly explains

Boss: we’re busy get back to work put it down and she might go away.

Me: (hearing everything and still waiting on the line 10 minutes pass her phone is beeping from another call in the queue)

Worker 1: (picks up) Hello?

Me: It’s still me, the one without the pizza.

Worker 1: Okay the boss will be right with you. *Hangs up*

Me: *I call back* Hi I think you just hung up on me?

Worker 1: Oh its you again. Hang on a moment. *puts the phone and the table and serves 6 other customers in a span of 20 minutes*

Boss: *picks up the phone* What do you want?

Me: I explain that I ordered my pizza now 2 hours ago and it didn’t arrive, so I called the store and the delivery boy claims he delivered it to a man with a black car at the correct address while, i’m a female with a silver car.

Boss: Asks the delivery driver.

Worker 2: I told you shes lying! I delivered it.

Boss: He says he delivered it.

Me: Okay look I am getting sick of this back and forth, tell your delivery boy to come back to the address I recite it for him, and I will be waiting in the middle of the street so he cannot miss me or my house or my silver car and I will question him myself as to which house he delivered my pizza too because this getting ridiculous so he can confirm for himself that he did indeed deliver it to the wrong house and so he can apologise for calling me a liar, how ever I am disgusted with your attitude, not only have I been called a lair twice I have been on the phone for over 30 minutes and being ignored while listening to everything you have said about me in the background, once this is through I want my refund.

Boss: He said he delivered it and refused to give me a refund.

Me: Either have him come back to my street and confront me at my house, or I will come to your store.

Boss: We will give you a coupon.

Me: I do not want a coupon, nor do I want my 2 hour old pizza which is probably sitting in someones stomach who lives in my street. I want my money and my time back and an apology but since I cannot have the latter I want my money back.

Boss: You paid using an online transaction (the website) we cannot give you a refund.

Me: I will take you to the department of fair trading.

Boss: We cannot give you a refund because we don’t have access to the website.

Me: But the payment goes to your store?

Boss: Yes, but no no we cannot give you a refund we don’t have a computer.

Me: Its okay i’ll come by in store right now and pick it up in dollar coins if I have too. I also have this exchange recorded for proof.

Boss: To get a refund you need to leave a complaint.

Me: Excuse me? your telling me I need to leave a complaint in order to prompt any form of reimbursement?

Boss: Yes just go to the website. *hangs up*

And so I go to the official website and make a complaint, 2 weeks later I get a reply and a phone call asking about the issue of my complaint, I explain and offer her a recording of the phone conversation, she explains that the processing is slow and it will take another 2 weeks to receive a refund.

I finally get my refund and no apology.