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A woman comes to the gym with her dog sticking out of her gym bag. She swipes her card to enter but we at reception block her.

Woman: Why can’t I go in. I know I have 8 visits left!

Me: Ma’am we don’t let pets into the facilities

Woman: But he’s well behaved

Me: I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter how well behaved the animal is. Unless it’s a service dog they must stay outside

Woman: Fine, it’s a service animal

Me: (inwardly groaning) No it’s not. It’s not wearing a vest and it is in your purse

Woman: You can’t question my service animal, it’s illegal!

Me: Actually Ma’am I am studying law and I know that you will have to prove that you have a disability within the meaning of the Service Animal Code, and that the animal is necessary for reasons related to the disability. This typically requires some form of medical documentation. Can I see your medical documentation for this animal?

Woman: (speechless for a few moments) Oh just let me take my dog in!

Me: No, I am not allowed, ma’am.

Woman: You know what? It’s not about you letting me in, it’s about you STOPPING ME!

She tries to sneak past the doors when a member opens it but security, who had been called by my coworker when she saw things escalating, quickly escorted the woman out of the YMCA