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I work overnight alone. We lock the doors at 10pm and utilize a service window to control customer flow, so I can stock and clean. It’s about 2:30am and I am mopping the floor. A customer attempts to open the locked door opposite the service window. She stands there for a couple minutes, I assume she’s reading the sign. When she looks at me I gesture to the service window and make my way behind the counter. When she comes to the other side of the building, she walks right by the service window and attempts to open the other door. She sighs loudly and finally comes to my window.

Me: Hello. What can I get for you?
Customer: I want to come inside and mess up your and buy candy.
Me: (I think she’s joking, so I chuckle a little) Well good thing my doors are locked. What kind of candy would you like?
Customer: Let me in so I can mess up your floor. (She goes over to the door and stands there, as if I’m actually going to unlock the door)
Me: Ma’am, I’m not letting you in. I can get your candy for you if you just tell me-
Me: Then you’re not getting any candy. (Another customer is approaching thr window at this point, so I address him. The woman is still standing at my door when he leaves. I continue mopping and she’s STILL there. A few minutes later I hear another customer through my loudspeaker politely telling her that she needs to use the service window, the doors are locked)
Customer: OH FORGET IT. (She storms off)

I’ve seen this woman twice since then, pretty much the same scenario!