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(My center takes calls from customers from the Asia Pacific region for a major web hosting company in the U.S. One call peeved me a lot because of the caller’s lack of honesty and penchant for excuses.)

*After greeting the customer and verifying his account*

Customer: I want to cancel my web hosting and request a refund because [gave reason].

*We do have a 30-day money back guarantee for many of our products, such as web-hosting, but in when I saw the date of purchase it is already past the allowable 30-days. I conferred with my manager and she agrees with my assessment.*

Me: [Customer’s Name] I noticed that the date of purchase was [date] and it is already past the 30-day allowable refund period.

Customer: Yes I know but we tried calling you last month and your phone number changed and we were not able to contact you.

*This was true, but there are other avenues of contact, such as online chat. I explained this to the customer.*

Customer: But your website said that to call customer support for cancellations and refunds.

Me: *Inwardly I became pissed at this excuse, but I kept a very civil tone*. Very well, I will make a request to issue a refund but this is no guarantee because despite the fact you were unable to contact us over the phone, the refund policy still is in effect because you could have contacted us via online chat, and I also see in the notes that you contacted us two days ago saying the same thing. I will send you an email for you to act upon and delete the product so I can request the refund.

[I sent the email and while he was checking his email he got disconnected. Needless to say I did not proceed with the request. My manager, who was sitting beside me, shrugged her shoulders, agreeing with my argument. I am very good in my CSR skills, but I don’t like being lied to. I always believe in the dictum that if you really want to, you will find a way; and make excuses when you don’t.]