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(I work in a well known department store that has Ship-from-Store and Online transactions as well as in store purchases. We don’t usually get phone calls from customers about the online purchases, as they have their own department, but this one seemed to slip through the cracks.)

Me: Hello, thanks for calling (Store), (Name) speaking. How can I help you today?
Woman on the line: I need to know where my underwear are!

Me: …E-Excuse me?

Woman: My underwear! I ordered underwear from Macy’s two weeks ago and they aren’t here! I’m going out of town and I need them!

Me: Oh, okay. We don’t usually have a way of checking that in store, but let me see if I can find a transaction record for you. Do you have your (Store Credit Card) or transaction number on hand?

Woman: I don’t have a number!

Me: Okay, then what about your-

Woman: *Interrupting me* I DONT HAVE A NUMBER!

Me: Thats fine, lets check your-

Woman: *Interrupting me again, only this time she incoherently screams in my ear repeatedly for a good minute or so*

Me: *Speaking loudly to be heard over her screaming* Ma’am, I can’t help you if you’re going to scream at me. I’m trying to help you, but I can’t do so if you yell!
Woman: *suddenly quiet and calm again* Oh, okay. I don’t have my (Store Credit Card) or Number.

Me: Okay. Without those, I can’t look up your transaction from here, but our online site should be able to.

Woman: Okay Bye. *Click*
(I have no idea if she ever got her order or not.)