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(A woman pulls into our drive-thru to order coffee. For clarification, a few weeks ago we had a free coffee promotion. Wen she finds out it is not longer valid she asks for the price and the person taking her order shares it. She then places her order and asks for almond milk as well. After she says this she instantly pulls forward, so the person taking her order can’t tell her about the 50 cent up-charge. This happened when I went to take her money and give her the coffee.)

Me: That will be (just under $3.50).
Customer: (holding her exact change) Wait what?
Me: You asked for almond milk and that added on about fifty cents to your total.
Customer: I just wanted a splash of it though.
Me: Doesn’t matter, I have to charge you for it.
Customer: Can I speak to the person who made my drink?

(At this point, I’m not going to bother the barista just because she doesn’t understand almond milk is a up-charge almost everywhere else.)

Me: I’m sorry, I’m not sure who made it. Even if it was just a little we have to charge you because you got it.
Customer: (in a huff) Fine.

(She pays, gets her coffee, and drives off. Not sure I’ve seen her since.)