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(I was walking past the self checkouts when a woman who wasn’t even in line stopped me)
Customer: You need to tell one of your people that one of the self checkout machines isn’t working.
Me: They know.
(One of the machines at this time is cash only. There is a huge sign taped to it telling people it’s cash only. About ten minutes prior to this conversation, I overheard a couple of the managers talking about what they can do to get this machine fixed.)
Customer: No they don’t! They’re standing in line! Tell your people the machine isn’t working!
Me:…. Okay….
(I walk past the Customer Service desk, confused.)
Manager: What was that all about?
Me: Oh, that lady wanted me to tell you one of the self checkout machines isn’t working properly.
Manager: I see. The sign means we don’t know it’s not working right.
Me: I guess…