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I have a learning disability and that affects my social skills meaning I sometimes do not pick up on sarcasm.

Despite this, I still managed to get hired at the biggest theme park in Canada!

(This happened in the summer of 2016. I was working in a retail store near the front of the park.)

A guest is buying a HUGE purple snake!

Me: Would you like a bag with that?

(Our bags are probably too small for the snake but I still offer)

Guest: No, I’ll just wear it around my neck all day

Me: Okay

I finish cashing them out and hand them the snake

Guest: Where’s the bag?

Me: You said you would wear it around your neck all day

Guest: Oh for F*ck’s sake! Can’t you pick up on sarcasm?! Is the heat going to your head?!

She complained to my Team Lead who promised me I was not getting written up for it. She did, jokingly, offer to make me a sarcasm sign like in the pilot episode of Big Bang Theory. I was also nicknamed Sheldon for a bit (no one knew I had an LD, they just noticed I didn’t pick up well on sarcasm) until another Co-worker did something stupider.