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, | Unfiltered | September 10, 2020

(All weekend, these parents leave their 3 preteens together alone in their room, and the preteens invite 7 of their friends over. Due to the fire code, only 5 people are allowed in a room, but since no one has complained, I decide not to lecture them. It’s their parents’ fault, anyway. The preteens are running around outside, going up and down the elevator, horse playing. A police officer comes up to my desk.)

Officer: “Here, take this. Do you have this fugitive?”

(He hands me a wanted poster. I say no.)

Officer: “He murdered someone today in the store down the road. He’s armed and dangerous. Look out.” *leaves.*

(Petrified, I call my manager and ask her what I should do.)

Me: “Should I tell the guests about him and to be careful?”

Manager: “NO. Don’t tell them, or they’ll get all spooked and complain about not feeling safe in their reviews. We’re supposed to make sure they feel safe and a murderer is going to freak them out and cause a panic!”

Me: “I don’t them to freak out.”

Manager: “Exactly.”

(I keep a close eye on the running preteens, even though I’m not supposed to be babysitting them. But I don’t want them to be hurt by some crazed murderer, even if they are brats! Luckily, no one was hurt. Parents, watch your kids! You never know who’s on the loose!)