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(At the pharmacy I work at, we sell cold medicines that contain pseudophedrine (PSE) behind the counter. The reason is because the PSE in the medicine can be used to make meth, and we have a special statewide system in place, just for the sale of PSE cold medicine. This involves scanning a license, entering work ID number, and having the customer sign a statement they will not use it to make meth. A woman approaches the counter while I’m ringing, with groceries. We also do regular store items at the pharmacy registers.)
Woman: **points to a box of cold medicine off to the side** That one’s mine, I’m ready to check out now (occasionally, a pharmacist or store associate will put a restricted item aside until they’re ready to check out, this itself isn’t so weird.)
me: sure, do you have your ID on you?
Woman: Yes, here it is **hands me her ID**
(I scan the medicine, and her ID, and I get a system down error. This occasionally happens, and we’re not allowed to sell it until the systems back up)
Me: I’m sorry, our system’s acting up today. I’ll try it again in a few minutes.
(I scan her groceries, and try the cold medicine again. I get a little further in the process, but it still comes up system down.)
Me: Sorry, it’s still acting weird, do you have a [rewards member card] while we’re here? (I scan the card, the cold medicine, and it finally appears to be going through)
Me: Alright ma’am, it went through, you can pay with your card now. (As soon as I hit the buttons to run her debit card, the final check for authorization, it says system error and refuses the sale.)
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but our system is still down, I’m afraid I can’t sell it to you right now. (the woman, who has been fairly patient up to this point, suddenly gets very irritable).
Woman: What do you mean you can’t sell it?
me: The system we use to sell cold medicine is down right now, we can try again later.
Woman: I’m sick right now, I need this medicine, my doctor said I could get this medication in place of a script, what am I supposed to do now?! (note: even if the doctor did write a prescription for her, we would still be doing the same process, as most insurance companies don’t cover over-the-counter supplies, and writing a script would be useless.)
Me: I understand ma’am, but our system is still down. you could come back in say an hour, and we might be back up by then.
**The woman rolls her eyes and scowls as I suggest waiting**
Woman: Can’t you get the pharmacist to do something about it?
Me: It’s a system error, they don’t have the power to override something like this.
Woman: cant they ring me up out front? (This is illegal, by the way, and I could lose my job by ringing it out upfront)
Me: No, they don’t have the system required to sell this.
woman: Can’t you do ANYTHING to override it? Maybe sell it outside the system? (What she’s suggesting is even more illegal, and is considered a felony in some states)
Me: I’m sorry, but there really isn’t anything I can do besides trying again later.
Woman: I can’t try again later, this has been a waste of my time! Cancel everything else, except the milk.
(As I’m removing the other groceries from her sale, she keeps going on about how I wasted her time. It took longer to void out her items than it did for me to explain that our system wasn’t working. I finally finish removing the items from her order, and ring her out for the milk.)
Me: *handing her the receipt* thank you have a- *she snatches the receipt out of my hand and walks away*