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(My boss and I are both women working in a home office. We have an off-site worker and we just set him up with a Dell laptop so that he can easier work with dual screens)
Worker, over the phone to us: Something is wrong with the mouse, I can’t do anything!
Me, looking at his screen remotely: Try clicking on the desktop.
(A menu pops up)
Me: Are you right-clicking on the mouse?
Worker: No, I’m doing normal clicks! (Clicks several more times, more menus pop up.
Me: …Is the mouse in your left hand?
Worker: (long pause) I’m so sorry.
Me: That’s okay!
Worker: On my old Mac laptop I had everything reversed. I feel stupid.
Me: Well, you’re a lefty and an Apple user, so you’ve got two strikes against you to begin with.
Boss, yelling from across the room: Three strikes, he’s a man too!
(Just kidding guys! And for the record, I’m a lefty too.)