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Service desk: Thank you for calling [Auto Repair], how can I help you?
Me: I’d like to schedule an oil change for my [make/model/year] vehicle.
Service desk: We can do that! Have you been here before?
Me: Yes.
Service desk: *looks up phone number* Great! Is it under [Male name 1] or [Male name 2]?
Me: Yes!
Service desk: Um…. I’m sorry. Which one is it?
Me: Oh! I’m sorry. My husband is [Male name 2] [Male name 1] [Last name], but he goes by [Name 1].
Service desk: Gotcha. Okay, are you at [Address 1]?
Me: Nope, that’s my father-in-law who is ALSO [Male name 2]. We’re on [Address 2].
Service desk: All right. You’re under [Male name 1].
Me: I’m so sorry. It’s very confusing.