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A regular customer, who is notorious for trying to scam the store, walks into the store stopping at our little customer service desk. Since the chain recently got rid of the Service Clerk positions, it falls on cashiers to help customers that stop there. She’s standing there with her mother-in-law holding a fairly large flat box.

Me (cashier): Hello [customer’s name here], what can I help you with today?

Customer: Oh! My husband bought a case of the wrong size diapers for my baby. I want to return them. I don’t have the receipt, but my husband said he bought them here.

Me: Okay, could you take one out please so I can see the barcode. I’ll call my manager to look up the sold items so she can find the receipt.

I called the assistant manager to help with the look up. After listing off the numbers she takes a few minutes to double check her findings.

Manager: … I’ll be there in a moment. Make sure they don’t leave.

Turns out we don’t carry that size and never have. The assistant manager came down and told them the news. The mother-in-law’s eyes looked like they were gonna bulge right out of her head in repressed anger and the customer looks sheepish. My AM later called around and found that the local wholesale store recently had a theft of a couple boxes of infant diapers. Goes to show that if you’re trying to scam a store double check before you try any funny business.