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I wasn’t overly waiting in line at Tim Horton’s. There wasn’t anyone behind me, so I went up to the glass, where the baked goods were, trying to figure out what I wanted. Then, a woman and her son came in, and they went right in front of me, while the kid was trying to decide what he wanted. Since I’m a good sport (and shy), I didn’t say anything. Though, I was thinking, “Hey, I was here first, lady…”

Then, when it came to the cashier asking who’s next, the woman behind the cutting-in woman (who I afterward discovered was her Mother) said, “(Lady’s name), this lady was in front of you.”

The kid’s Mom replied, “Oh, OK. I was wondering…”

Again, since I’m a good sport, I said, “Oh, no, it’s fine.”

The older lady then told me, “No, go ahead.”

“Oh, OK. Thank you!” I replied, before going to order.

(Just a little fun fact: I’m nineteen, but I look twelve. The fact that I was called a “lady” made me laugh.)