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(Me and two of my friends are on a bus on our way back from school when three 14 or 15 year olds get on. They sit by the window, open it and spend 10 minutes of the journey flipping the passers-by off and shouting swear words, insults and other abuse at them. After they shouted at two guys the bus stops at the stop just in front of said guys who then get on the bus)

Driver: Hey! You need to buy a ticket!
Guy 1: Oh don’t worry, we’re not getting a ride.
Guy 2: (to teens) You need to come with us
Teen 1: (smirking) Um… No we don’t
(Guy 1 reaches into his pocket and pulls out a badge before showing it to the teens)
Guy 1: Actually, you do. Undercover Police, get off this bus, we need to talk to you.
(The teens go completely white. Teens 1 & 2 get off the bus but Teen 3 pretends not to have done anything)
Guy 2: Come on mate, we all saw you too
(Teen 3 gets off the bus too looking sheepish. As the bus pulls away we see them getting shouted at by the cops)

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