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I work in a cafe that sells pastries, coffee and sandwiches. I’m the chef there and I work overnight. Sometimes in the morning, I’ll have an iced coffee at work, but across the street is a starbucks. And I much prefer their frozen drinks than what my work offers. So, after a long and tiring shift, I head on over to starbucks for a drink. I’m standing in line, in my full uniform, when a woman taps me on the shoulder
woman: why are you here when you have coffee at your work? don’t you get a discount or free drinks?
me: yeah, I do. I just much prefer starbucks for their frappuccinos than my work.
woman: oh man, if I had your job I would never drink coffee from here. it’s so expensive and its never all that good.
me: *looks at her dumbfounded*
the cashier calls next in line and she goes right up, and orders a mocha (something my cafe sells and for half the price) I shake it off and decide that maybe she’s picking it up for a friend or something. I order my drink and go wait. When her mocha is done, she takes a big sip, gives the barista a thumbs up and tells him it was as good as always, gives him a tip and walks off. All the while, I just wonder to myself why she praised my cafe’s coffee so much and bashed on starbucks?

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