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Customer: Let me get a burger with no steak. Just bread and lettuce

Coworker: Excuse me?

Customer: Ya, we have steak at home we just want bread and lettuce

My coworker gestures to the Manager to get on the line and since we are slow he does so immediately.

Coworker: Anything else?

Customer: Uh ya…we want a milkshake with no milk-

Coworker: Okay, I think you guys need to go to a different drive thru

Customer: But we at this drive-thru and we ain’t leaving

My coworker tries talking to them but I can hear through the head seat that the customer is talking to her. She eventually says goodnight and just lets the customer ramble.

Customer: We gonna stay here all night until we get out bread and lettuce and milkshake with no milk!

Manager (takes over): You can stay here all you want. Please pull up to the front so we can talk

Customer: You f*cking bitch, you eat a lot of dick

The customer drives off but we got their licence plate and reported them to the police for harassment and general mischief.