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I work at a world-famous jewellery store known for its swan mascot at the local mall.

Guest: Hi, I’m looking for [Bracelet that claims to instantly help people live better]. They said I could find it at any fine jewellery

Me: Ma’am, this store specialises in crystals. All the jewellery is made up of crystals. We don’t sell that bracelet

Guest: But the jewellery you sell in fine jewellery. That’s false advertisement.

Me: We never advertised to sell this bracelet. The bracelet company said they sold it at fine jewellers but we aren’t one of them!

Guest: Just give me [Scammy braclete]

Guest #2: Maybe if you actually worked out and ate healthily you wouldn’t need to spend $100 on this scam!

We ended up having to call security to escort guest #1 out as she lost it after that comment.