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(This happened a few months ago. I work for a very popular grocery store, and I am talking to this woman on the phone who can’t read the expiration date on her soup.)
Woman: Well, I can’t read the expiration date on my soup. I just bought it a few days ago.
Me: Sure! [Soup] is good for a few months, so you should be ok.
Woman: Can you go check the exact date?
Me: Ok. One minute.
(I go check the entire row of soup, and they all expire within a few days of April 21)
Me: Most of the [Soup] we have expires April 21. If you only bought it a few days ago it should be good until around that time.
Woman: Well, I’m just not sure, I can’t read it.
Me: If you don’t feel ok eating it, just come in and we’ll let you return it.
Woman: No, that’s wasteful, can you just tell me the expiration date?
Me: *thinking she didn’t hear me last time I said it* It should expire around April 20.
Woman: You said April 21! I can’t read the soup can and now your lying!
Me: It should expire around that time.
Woman: But, I just can’t read it…
Me: You can take my word for it or you can return the product.
Woman: But..
Me: *hangs up*