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I have been working at a drug store/pharmacy for a few months. I have just started my shift when a lady comes to my cash.

Me: That’ll be $30.03. (I remember thinking it was funny because 30.03 backwards is 30.03).

Lady: Is the tuna scanning as $1.99?

I look on the screen, but because she was buying 8 cans, it just had the total of all the cans together. I price check them and they come up wrong because price check doesn’t show if it’s on sale. I forgot this.

Me: Sorry, ma’am, I’ll change that for you.

Lady: *as I’m fixing it* Don’t you have a policy that if they scan wrong it’s free?

Me: No, we don’t.

Lady: I heard on TV that [larger sister store] does that.

Me: *mentally* Well is that where you are?

Me: I don’t think so, we just give it to you at the sale price.

The lady proceeds to rant about how she saw it on TV and am I sure. Meanwhile, I’ve fixed the price and it comes up: $30.03. I realize my mistake, but she’s still ranting.

Lady: If I call [my store] will they tell me the same thing? It’s not free?

Me: Yes, ma’am. Your total is $30.03, sorry for the mistake.

She pays and I’m just happy she’s leaving. She stands there for a minute.

Lady: Can I see a manager? I think it’s free.

I have a line, so I call the supervisor over. The lady stands around, going as far as asking me to tell her where the manager is and “I’ll go find her.” I call again and the supervisor hurried back from the other cash.

Lady: Are YOU the supervisor?

My supervisor, who is very short, deals with the lady while I continue to scan through customers. She comes over with the lady’s receipt.

Supervisor: I’ll type in the codes to see if it scanned correctly.

The lady proceeds to complain about me, my failure to know the free products policy, my supervisor, and wasting her time. The supervisor says that the total is correct (because it is). She hands the lady back her receipt. She stands there.

Lady: So, what are you going to do about this?

Supervisor: … you payed the correct price, ma’am.

Lady: I find it stupid that your clerk doesn’t know the policies and she didn’t call the manager when I asked.

She NEVER asked for a manager until after she payed. She continues to rant about me being a bad clerk, going as far as to say that my manager doesn’t care, before we finally get her to leave. My supervisor makes sure I’m okay (I honestly was just annoyed). She proceeds to tell me that the policy is that if something under $10 scans wrong, they can get THE FIRST for free and pay sale price for the rest. She also tells me that she’s now thinking of taking up drinking, after wasting almost 20 minutes with Tuna Lady.

The lady later came back and returned the cans because, as my supervisor later told me, she worked in a tuna factory and these were the bad tuna fish or something like that. We should know this because we, obviously, work in a tuna factory.

When I was leaving work, I saw the next shift’s supervisor up front as my dad is buying some snacks. She also knows about Tuna Lady from my supervisor.

Me: Do you have tuna here?

New Supervisor: Yeah, its $2.50.

Me: That’s an outrage!

Moral of the story: Know the fake policies for your store or face the wrath of scammer tuna ladies.

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