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Btw I’m that friend of the girl in the lingerie story on not always romantic with the sexual harassment)

So I’ve got another mate who is 6’7 and was a rugby player so is not a pushover at all and we were in the store buying food for a night stay with a few other mates

We hear another customer scream at the employee that he apparently has the wrong brand of sausage (like he picks out each brand XD) and the customer grabs 3 packs and tries running out a few seconds after we pay and are at the door. He stands at the door and blocks her from escaping


Him: well firstly I saw you try to steal some sausage that wasn’t even in the right brand you asked for

Her: F*** OFF!

She punched him with what seemed like all her strength and he doesn’t even feel it, meanwhile she tried again and he gets seriously pi**ed off and pushes her hardly to the ground

Her: WHAT THE F*** FO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU STEROID INFUSED A**HOLE?! I’m gonna get a manager to call the cops on your a**

Manager hears this and comes over

Manager: so you want me to call the cops?


Manager: Okay (calls them)

They get there and immediately ask my mate what happened

Him: so when we was leaving I saw her grab 3 packs of sausages and run for the door, which I blocked them she decided to hit me twice so I pushed her softly away

Police: okay (to manager) can we see the security tapes?

Manager: of course (shows them behind the desk)

Mere seconds later the thief gets arrested while she is screaming and kicking and punching everything.

A week later my mate comes up to me.

Him: so remember that store where I stopped a thief last week?

Me: yeah?

Him: well they rang me up this morning and asked if I wanted to be a security guard so I accepted it

Me: oh my god congrats man!

Him: Thanks!

Seriously though how did she (who was about 5ft 3 and looks like a twig) expect to make a 6ft 7 ex-rugby player love with a single punch?