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, | Unfiltered | September 6, 2020

The car park of my store is owned by the company, and they clearly state on signs throughout the car park itself that any vehicle incorrectly parked will be towed at the manager’s discretion. A woman speeds up to the front and parks in a lay-by used for taxis. I walk out to meet her as she sprints past me.

Me: Excuse me, you can’t park there. You’re are risk of-

Woman: Sorry. I only need one thing! Please!

She runs in and I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt as she genuinely seemed desperate. After ten minutes though she is still inside. I head in and look at the checkout to see if she is perhaps stuck in line, but no. I only notice her as she turns onto an aisle, with a trolley half full. I catch up to her but she waves me off and deliberately ignores me. The manager puts out a call, including her car registration, but she doesn’t come, so the manager authorises me to get it towed. It is long gone by the time she leaves, and she is furious. She screams at the manager from the other side of the store, claiming to be disabled. I next see her stomp/fake-limping out of the store with two full trolleys of groceries. The manager barred her, but she comes in every month and threatens us with legal action.

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