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I work as a cashier at a large dollar store chain where I have worked for around 2 years. We just got a bunch of new product the day before so we are busy setting the schematics that day. I just finish loaning on my drawer when a woman comes up to me and asks to pay for some in cash and the rest on a card. I tell her this is fine. This is what happens.

Me: Okay, your total is $31.80
Customer: Here is $7.00 cash and i’ll use my card for the rest
Me: No problem
**I put the $7.00 in and show her she still owes me $24.80**
Me: Alright, your total is $24.80, you may swipe your card now.
**as I hand her the receipt, she responds**
Customer: Where’s my 20 cents.
Me: Excuse me?
Customer: I had $25.00 on the card, you’re supposed to give me the 20 cents cashback.
Me: Sorry, but our system doesn’t allow that.
Customer: Yes, it does. It did it before. You must be new and don’t know what you’re doing.
Me: Actually, I’ve been here for at least a couple years and I know the system pretty well.
Customer: Then give me my 20 cents.
**I hand the customer her bags**
Me: I’m sorry, but we have a schematic reset, I don’t have time to argue with you over 20 cents. have a good day.

**I then walk away without saying another word. I tell my manager what happened in case she happens to want to complain to a manager. She just laughs. The woman never came back, thankfully.**