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(I currently work for a call center doing tech support for smartphones, tablets and other devices produced by a fruit named company. It is a pretty good job but occasionally we get some weirdos. I thought after the call with the gentlemen wanting to back up the 50+ GB of gay porn was the weirdest. Until the other day.)

Me: Hi, thank you for contacting (Tech Support) my name is (Me). Can I get your name, number and email

Customer: (provides information)

Me: What can I do to assist you today?

Customer: I am calling for my mom, she has a (outdated model smartphone). It won’t turn on and when we charge it it just shows a red battery on the screen. What’s wrong with it?

Me: I can definitely understand how this would be a major issue for you and I will do everything I can to assist you. Do you have the phone with you?

Customer: No, what’s wrong with it?

Me: Well it could be a number of different things, I would say most likely it is an issue with the battery which would be (price) but if it needs to be replaced altogether it would be (price).

Customer: Ok, but what is wrong with?

Me: Well we won’t know without having the actual phone to try troubleshooting.

Customer: Oh… do you guys have any (outdated model smartphone) that you don’t want?

Me: No we just have our replacement models which are (price) if you phone needs to be replaced.

Customer: Can’t you just give me one?

Me: Unfortunately I can’t sir

Customer: Why not?

Me: It doesn’t make a good business model to just give things away for free.

Customer: Oh…. have you ever had (outdated model smartphone)?

Me: Yes, a few years ago, but I dropped it in water. Now I have (most current model).

Customer: Oh… will you sell me your (outdated model smartphone)?

Me: I’m sorry sir, even if I still had the phone I could be that.

Customer: (mumbles incoherently)

Me: What was that sir?

Customer: Will you put you hand on my d**k?

Me: Sir, I am going to have to end this call.

Customer: Wait! What time does the store close?

Me: *click*

(That was my single most bizarre call so far. Sadly I don’t think it will be my last. But I knew this needed to go on Not Always Right!)