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I am helping take care of my brother, who is battling cancer. I am his Power of Attorney, so all of his mail and bills come to me. His address and phone number have been changed to mine so I can handle all of his affairs. Because of this (and my brother’s love for signing up for everything he sees online), I’ve seen a pretty big upswing in telemarketing calls to my cell phone, many of them robot calls. Usually, if you listen all of the way through the message, there’s an option to press a number to be removed from the list. One day while watching television with my husband I get a robo-call advertising a great product that my brother can’t possibly live without (using his name and everything). After listening through the message, the only option is to hit 0 to speak with an representative. I do so.

[Representative]: (heavily accented) Hello there! I see from you push button that you want to be receiving [product]. Yay! You no to be disappointed!

[Me]: Actually, I’d just like you to remove this number from your contact list, please.

[Representative]: (screaming) Go f*** yourself! Go f*** yourself! (the call disconnects)

[Me]: (looking down at the phone) What the…?

[Husband]: Well, that escalated quickly.

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