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(It’s about 1 am and my friends and I are pretty baked. Naturally, we get the munchies and decide to drive through a local 24-hour chain. I’m driving)

Cashier #1: Hello, welcome to [Major chain], can I take your order?

Me: Um…yeah…can I get…some…uh…tacos…and...um…uh…

(This goes on for another few minutes as I ask my friends what they want as well. Our total order ends up being quite large)

Cashier #1: That’ll be [total]. Please pull forward to the first window.

(I drive around a corner to get to the first window. Before I get there, I can see the cashier in the window with his hand up)

Cashier: Stop! Can you please back up?

(I back up slowly as he motions me with his hand until he motions to stop. We’ve backed up about 6 feet. My friends and I are all looking around and see no other cars and nothing else happening. We sit there for about 15 seconds)

Cashier #1: Ok, thanks, go ahead and pull forward.

(I give him my card and we pull forward to the next window, where we have to wait a second since our order is so large)

Cashier #2: Wow, you guys have got quite the order here.

Me: Yeah…uh…fourth meal, you know?

Cashier #2: Well, here you go, have a nice night!

(As soon as we clear the parking lot) Friend: WHAT THE F*** JUST HAPPENED?!

(We all burst into laughter. We’re pretty sure they were messing with us. To this day I have never again been asked to stop and back up as I’m making my way through a drive thru, even at 1 am.)