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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada as a retail associate. I am quite religious but my religion is a minority so whenever I see someone from my religion I get really excited. There is no one else from my religion who works with me.

As I am working I see a customer and some kids very clearly dressed from my religion and Orthodox come into the store. I go up to greet them and notice that while they are polite they are not meeting my gaze.

Me: (To co-worker, very disappointed) I want to scream at them “I’m just like you!”

My coworker and I get on till and start clearing some customers out. We are swamped as it is opening weekend.

I notice that the man and the children from my religion are waiting off on the side for the only male coworker to finish, despite the fact that my till and my coworkers till is open.

Me: I can help you gentlemen over here.

Man: (Still not making eye contact) It’s fine, we don’t mind waiting.

Me: (In my head) I wonder why they don’t just come to us? (I look down and notice I am wearing very short shorts and, since these gentlemen are orthodox they probably felt uncomfortable with how I was dressed)

I roll my eyes and get back to work only for the male co-worker to come and find me

I look up and the people from my religion and my male co-worker are standing around me

Me: What’s up?

Male co-worker: These guys want to know where they can find some food that is (Dietary restriction) foods

I smirk and open a map and tell the men in detail, who will now look me in the eyes and don’t squirm when they stand near me, every restaurant in the Park they can eat from.

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