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There are engineering works on the railway line between Blackpool and Preston, a distance of 30 miles or so as the line runs, meaning that there are coaches being used as a rail replacement bus service. I’m commuting home from work at about 10pm. A family of 3 adults and 2 teenage children, one about 17 and one about 13, get on and immediately take up the whole back row and 4 other seats just spreading out. As soon as the bus leaves Preston ststion the 17 year old starts complaining she needs a pee. This goes on and on for the full 25 minutes until we reach Kirkham station….wherein she dives off the bus, her father standing in the doorway of the coach to make sure it doesn;t set off without her (delaying a service that already takes double the time of the train to get back to Blackpool)
When the girl finally gets back on she is complaining none stop that the toilets were locked and there were no staff around and anyone could have gone on there and jumped under a train.
Twenty minutes of this I had, and with no headphones or music, had to put up with this whining voice ‘but anyone could have jumped under a train’, before I snapped…and found myself saying quite loudly….if there were trains to jump under we would not be stuck on a bloody rail replacement service!

Didn;t hear a word from her afterwards….

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