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My husband and I both work as night auditors in a hotel. One morning, he came home with a great story. During a big stock show event in town, he was checking in two couples, obviously here for the rodeo or other stock show events. He happened to have on Spider-man 2 on the lobby television, just to have some background noise. The cowboy he was checking in looked over at the television and groaned. “Ugh, I HATE those stupid comic book movies!”

The husband and myself are big nerds and like a lot of those movies, so he’s a little offended, but obviously won’t say anything because he’s at work and it’s really no big deal. The cowboy continues on, though, elaborating in a really loud and very obnoxious voice, “No REAL MAN would watch that KIDDIE stuff!”

Husband: “So, you only watch serious movies then, huh?”

Cowboy: “You bet!”

Husband: “Like cowboy movies, right?”

Cowboy: “Of course!”

Husband: “You must be a Brokeback Mountain kind of guy then, huh?”

From what my husband said, the cowboy’s companions burst into laughter while the gentleman’s face colored red. He honestly thought the guy was going to jump over the counter and punch him, so he says, “I’m sorry, you know, just joking around….”

They finish the transaction, and the cowboy’s girlfriend goes, “Come on, Brokeback.” So, you know he heard that alllll weekend.