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I work at well known Computer and Electronic store as a Half Cashier and half sales associate. I’m one who’s most in charge of orders for our specific location. A Customer, well in his 50’s I guess, was buying CAT5 couplers and complaining that our pack of 20 was too expensive ($2.00).

Customer: “Things are becoming too damn expensive, and corporate ain’t helping either.”

Me: *trying to make nice small talk* “Haha yeah, a lot of things are going up in price now-a-days. Unfortunately here we can’t always control the price.

Customer: “Yeah, yeah. Don’t fucking lie to me, little girl. I can get a shit ton of this from China for dirt cheap!”

At this point, he’s pointing his finger in my face. I was already dealing with customers like this before hand and was already sick of people pulling stuff like this for a discount, so I decide to shut down the conversation.

Me: “…enjoy the rest of your day , Sir. Goodbye.”