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, | Unfiltered | September 4, 2020

(A middle-aged lady is looking at the candle stands just inside the main entrance to the church while I clear spent candles to make more space for new ones. We are a very popular church so we always make sure there are at least two lit candles per candle stand before we open and throughout the day.)

Visitor: Uh, excuse me?
Me: Yes madam?
Visitor: I was just wondering how you light candles? I would like to light one but don’t know how. I don’t have a lighter with me.
Me: Er… You just hold your candle’s wick over the flame of a candle that’s already lit?
Visitor (smiling, unaware of how silly her question was): Oh I see! I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you very much!

(Years later, this is still the only time I’ve been asked that question.)

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