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I am auditioning for a commercial. It is just me an two other girls up for the part

Director: That was great (My name)

Me: Really? Thanks

Director: Okay so since this takes place in Ontario-

Me: Ontario? But you have RCMP officers in the commercial.

Director: (condescendingly) Sweetheart, the RCMP are Canadian police

Me: while the RCMP are the stereotypical Canadian police, Ontario has their own provincial police.

Director: Sweetheart, we’ve done our research

Me: I’m a citizen of Canada and I’m from Ontario.

Director: Why are we arguing about this? (My name) we just need you to sign these forms and then you’re good to go

Me: Uh I’m good.

Director: what?

Me: Ya I don’t want to work for someone who condescendingly calls me sweetie… when I’m right!

I walked out of that commercial audition. This happened in 2015 and last I heard, the company filed for bankruptcy. It’s okay, I got on better commercial shown all over North America, with a nicer director.