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(My father is Irish and my mother is Filipino. I’ve been told from time to time my ethnicity is hard to place, but most people just say, “Wow, cool” when they figure it out. Of course, I wouldn’t be on this site if that was always the case.)

Customer: (As I’m bagging her groceries) You’re so pretty! Where are you from?

Me: Oh, thank you! My mom is Filipino, my dad is Irish.

Customer: (Suddenly shocked) What!?

Me: Um, I’m half Filipino, half Irish?

Customer: You’re… mixed race?

Me: Yeah..?

Customer: (shrieking) GET AWAY, YOU MONSTER! (Starts making a high-pitched wailing noise)

Me: Ma’am! Ma’am! Your groceries!

Customer: (Stops for a second, stares at me) THE MONSTER TOUCHED MY FOOD! (Makes the noise again)

Me: (Close to tears, and going deaf) Ma’am, if you’re going to be like this, I have to ask you to leave the store. (Tries to gently push the woman out the door.)

Customer: THE MONSTER TOUCHED ME! (Runs out screaming)

Me: I’m going to take a break…

Manager: (Arrived when the racket started) Go home. Come back tomorrow, good god, and remind yourself you are not a monster!