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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada during 2016 as a retail associate.

My retail location is selling out of Emoji pillows really quickly. The only ones left are the rolling eyes Emoji which people don’t seem to like.

Girl: Hi, do you have any other Emoji pillows?

Me: Sorry they’re so popular that’s all we have left

Girl: Can you check the back anyways?

Me: I promise you that’s all we have left

Girl: Can you check anyways?

We have two back rooms and the back room with the pillows is in the building next to us. I run to the back room but obviously there are no pillows left.

Me: Ya sorry. We’re out.

Girl: Would other stores have some?

This is a perfectly fine question but we are the biggest store in the park so it is unlikely that smaller stores would have more then we do

Me: Probably not but you can check. [Other store] is right next to that Starbucks

Girl: Can you just call?

Me: Uh, sure. It would be my pleasure. [We are supposed to say My Pleasure instead of No Problem]

(Goes behind counter to get to phone)

Girl: Oh and can you see if they have a ghost emoji pillow?

Me: Oh we only have [lists all emoji pillows we have]

Girl: Can you at least ask?

Me: It is highly unlikely that other stores will have different pillows. We all get it from one supplier

Girl: But it couldn’t hurt to call, right?

Me: Yes but it is highly unlikely

Girl: Just check please. I can wait.

Me: Uh…sure. Why not?

I call the closest store to the us that I asked the girl to walk to.

Me: Hey this is [my name] from [store]. I have a guest here who wants to know if you have a ghost emoji pillow

Coworker on the other line: Uh…no

Me: Ya I figured. Do you have any emoji pillows at all?

Coworker: Nah sorry

Me: Okay, thanks

I try three other stores until the girl is satisfied that we do not have anymore emoji pillows.

Once she leaves I am pulled aside by my Team Lead

Team Lead: What were you doing?

Me: She wanted to know if we had other emoji pillows

Team Lead: You know we don’t. Don’t call other stores asking that.

Me: She was really insistent

Team Lead: Look we need that line to be free if someone has some actual problems. Next time just be more persistent