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(The coffee kiosk I work in does not accept food stamps, but the grocery we’re in does. A woman comes in just before closing and I’m guessing she’s homeless. She’s wearing a heavy coat in warm weather, carrying a ton of overstuffed bags, and she smells like she hasn’t bathed in a while. I’ve also just watched her swipe half a dozen clementines off a display, but she looks like she needs it so I don’t really care.)
Me: Hi! How are you tonight?
Woman: I need these chips and juice. (She pulls out a SNAP card, which I know will be a problem.)
Me: Ma’am, I’m afraid I can’t take that form of payment at my register. We’re considered a restaurant, so-
Woman: Just scan them!
Me: Okay, ma’am, your total is $7.47.
Woman: I’m gonna pay with my SNAP card.
Me: Ma’am, my register won’t accept-
Woman: Put the charge through! (She swipes the card, but the system won’t take the payment. There’s no way for me to override it, or I would have.)
Me: I’m sorry, but I literally can not do that, ma’am. Starbucks does not accept those benefits. I can offer you a free cup of water, and you can pay for the chips at the main check lane just behind you.
Woman: I’m in a hurry!
Me: I’m very sorry, but I won’t be able to process the-
Woman: If you had a JOB, you would understand that some people have places to BE! (She shoves the chips and juice in her coat and leaves without paying. Then she returns a minute later.)
Woman: I’ll take that cup of water, too.