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A little background for how our movie theater works. We’re a luxury theater that offers dine-in service for the first thirty minutes prior to showtime. After that the servers move on to their next theater. We do not offer service during the film because we think it’s distracting to the guest. If we don’t have enough servers to meet guest needs, we limit the amount of tickets we can sell to a film. We only block off undesirable seats, like the very front row, or on the very edges of the theater as our seating is assigned.

Guest: Three for “Get Out”.

Concessionist: I have three seats available but none of them are together. (At this point the guests are 10 minutes late for the 1:30pm showtime on a Sunday afternoon for a very popular film.) Unless you want the very front row.

Guest: Seriously? Fine. I guess, whatever. E1, 4, and 8.

They sit in the film for the entire showtime and come out two hours later raging mad.

Guest: Listen, white bi***, there are seats together in the front! You should have told us that we could sit there!

Concessionist: The only seats that would have been available together would have been the front row, and I offered those to you. Let me get a manager.

Long story short, the manager comes up, guests keep spouting nonsense and calling him “white devil,” knocking his phone out of his hand. He asked them to leave, they spat on him. Police were called, they ran out of the theater and sped from the scene nearly hitting people on their way out. At this point, all the guests and employees are in the lobby gawking at the front doors.

A second manager pulled their transaction information and got their names off the receipt. The first manager is pressing charges for assault. What a day.