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(I am a delivery driver for a huge food courier service. I got a call for a delivery to a hospital. normally the customer is supposed to come down to the car, but I see special instructions to run it up to her office, which is on a hospital campus, so I oblige. I get a call while in the elevator)

Me: hello?

Customer: Hi, this is _________, I’m down on the street, but I don’t see you.

Me: Oh! I’m actually on my way up to your office.

Customer: Oh, I thought I was supposed to meet you on the street.

Me: normally, yes, but your note contained instructions to bring the food up to your office.

Customer: Oh, okay.

(I arrive on the 8th floor of the address she gave me and I find out that she has given me the wrong building on the campus, and that she was in the building next door. I call her again to confirm her location)

Customer: Hello?

Me: Hi, this is _______, your delivery driver. I think you gave me the wrong building, are you in the gynecology department?

Customer: Yes

Me: Okay, I’m on my way over and will be there in just a few minutes.

(A few minutes later I get a call from her)

Customer: Hi I think the first building I gave you was wrong.

The moral of the story: graduating from medical school doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart