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(i worked the overnight shift at a 24hr convenience store/gas station for a couple of years. One night around 2a.m. a girl (seemingly sober) comes in with her EXTREMELY drunk boyfriend. He’s staggering around, bumping into things, knocking things over, and basically just being an obnoxious ass. They pick out a few snacks, etc, and come up to my register)

Him: (thrusting a credit card at me) “HERE! Put it on this!”
Her: (holding out a $20) “No! I told you I was paying” (then to me):”Don’t take that from him”

(I stood there with both of them thrusting forms of payment at me, and finally just snatched the $20 from her so I could get them outta there quicker)

Him: (to me) “WHO’S YOUR FATHER?!?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Him: “WHO’S YOUR FATHER?!?!?!?”
Me: “My Father is dead. Why?

(now I’m 6′ tall and 250lbs, so not easily intimidated. This dude was maybe 5’6” and about 150lbs)

Him: “Didn’t your Father teach you to never let the woman pay?!?
Me: “I didn’t let her pay…YOU did”
Him: (to the girl) “Did you see what he just did ?!? He turned it around on me!!!”
Her:”(sigh)Let’s go”

(they left and I watched as they got to their car and he turned around and started storming back towards the door. she shouted at him and he decided he should just go back and get in the car…good decision)