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Today, while picking up my Dad from work, it was five minutes to closing time. Two people were returning their empty beer bottles back to the store, and my Dad let them in (he works at a Beer Store). As soon as they were out, he locked the doors. As this was happening, I was telling my step-Mom about the stories I read on this website. One of the stories she told me, was that one time, the store she worked at was five minutes to close, and that she was in the midst of closing. One woman came and wanted to shop, but my step-Mom wouldn’t let her in–despite how she said she wasn’t going to be long–because she knew what the customer was like–a shopper, who took forever, and was a chatterbox. So, the woman argued and made a complain to corporate.

When my step-Mom’s boss asked, she explained, “I know what this woman is like. I wouldn’t have gotten out of here, until about twenty minutes, half hour later, because she’s a slow shopper, and she would’ve just yick-yacked. And I was closing.”

The boss, understandingly, said, “Oh, OK.”