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Our store has a rewards program and it is new and still a little under construction. A cashier called me to their register to help them with some questions about it. The woman with the questions is not yet old enough to dye her hair but a little older than me.
Me: You can activate the digital coupons from <StoreName>.com
Customer: I can’t find the app.
Me: There is no app, that’s a web address. It’s not yet mobile compatible so you’ll have to do it from your computer or laptop.
Customer: How am I supposed to bring my computer in to use the coupons!
Me: The coupons are digital. They are saved to your account when you click on them from your account on our website. They will automatically ring up when you use your rewards number.
Customer: So I have to come in to see what coupons their are, go home, click on the coupons, then come back in to use them!?
Me: All the available coupons are on your account, you can view them at any time. I recommend checking every Wednesday when our ad changes.
Customer: Well then I don’t want that cheese! I already have cheese! I thought I was going to get a good deal!
Customer, still very confused, leaves with her purchases.
Cashier to next customer: Do you have your rewards number?
Next Customer: I don’t have one yet.
Cashier: Would you like me to register you?
Next Customer: No…
Me: Not after that ordeal!
Next Customer: Haha, nope!