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(I work for a semi-popular deli and we have a warmer for keeping orders nice and hot. It’s been a long day, so my coworkers and I all decide to chip in and treat ourself to a small chicken brest. I put one in the warmer and stick a SOLD sticker to it.)
Customer: I know *manager* personally, and he said I could have a discounted order.
(I know it’s going to be a long transaction. Also, my manager is female.)
Me: I’m sorry, I can’t do any discounting just cause you know claim to know someone.
Customer: Well he said I could have 1/2 off my purchase. You should give me my discount!
(She has a small platter, one that costs $10.00)
Me: I can’t give you any discount. We don’t do that here. Im sorry if anyone misled you.
(She suddenly looks at me, and explodes in rage.)
Customer: How dare you disrespect me! I am a paying customer at this s*** hole! My business pays your d*** bills! I DESERVE RESPECT FROM YOU!!
(She then grabbed the chicken we were cooking and threw it at me. She thankfully missed, and it hit the wall)
Customer: Go to hell!
(She stormed out of the store. I just stood there, shocked. I never saw her come in again.)