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(Our chain often gives coupons to people for a free night as to reward them for being loyal. This woman was such a person. If you think that people who are not paying for their stay are nicer, you’d be wrong!)

Woman: *throwing keys* “No I don’t want this room! It doesn’t end in zero!”

Me: *blinks* “Excuse me?”

(She yells about needing a room ending with zero. I must’ve checkin in hundreds of people before and this was a first. Since we have plenty of rooms, I end up changing it to get her out of my face. Once I tell her that she’ll get it, she smiles sweetly.)

Woman: “Thank you so much…”

Me: “You’re welcome?”

(A few minutes after that, she calls from the room, yelling, again.)

Woman: “There’s nothing in this room! No sheets! No pillows! No towels! No blankets! Nothing!”

Me: “There’s ….nothing?”

Woman: “The beds are bare! Nothing!” *untelligible screaming*

(Figuring the housekeepers have forgotten, even though I don’t know how, I send some up. Right after that, the woman calls again.)

Woman: *placid again* “…Never mind. They’re here, I just didn’t see them before. They’re here.”

Me: “…”

(I don’t know what happened but luckily the woman’s husband kept her in check after that and I didn’t hear her peep.)